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Setting Up Your Site for the First Time

When you start a ClientClick website you are automatically entitled to a free complementary set up call with one of our trainers (please call 1-866-315-0142 to book your appointment). However if you feel comfortable enough to start by yourself you will find in this documentation everything you need to get your website online within minutes.

Getting Started

To get started with your ClientClick website, log into  Once logged in, make your way to the Site Builder using the the Marketing tab, click on 'ClientClick Websites'.  In the following page, click 'Access ClientClick'.

You are asked to start your 60 Day website trial. With ClientClick, your website will be online for free and without obligation for the next 60 days. Feel free to take advantage of all the features ClientClick has available to improve your online marketing.

By default, you are able to start an 'Elite' subscription, which includes all the premium features including updated, responsive designs and Google based map search.  If you prefer a more basic website, you can choose 'Essentials' instead.

Step 1: General Information

a. Your Website Address

Enter a Jumptools Domain Name Alias. You will be given a Royal Lepage website address which is generally composed as “”.  You can personalize “yourusername”, though most agents will use their own name.   

 Please note, you will not be able to publish your website if this website address is taken.

Domain Settings

Register a Domain Name: If you do not yet have a domain name, you may register one with ClientClick.  

Domain Settings: Once your domain is registered, enter your domain in this field.  

See instructions for registering your domain with a 3rd party domain provider

b. Languages

Choose which languages you would like your website to appear in. French and English are available with the Essential subscription. For Elite, Team Elite and Company Elite subscriptions, in addition to English and French, you can also choose to add Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese versions of your website.

c. Tagline and Keywords

Header: This content will appear at the top of your website. It is generally suggested to add your tagline or slogan here. Please note, this is limited to 100 characters.

Meta Tags: Enter keywords or keyphrases here. These would be searched for by search engines.  

Please note that the usage of the keywords in Meta Tags is not as important as it used to be in the past. Website content is today the most valuable element for your Search Engine Optimization  

Site Description: This meta element can be used to enter a summary or description of your website. Please note that this is limited to 100 characters.  

d. Google Analytics

If you would like to use Google Analytics with your website, you can enter the Google Analytics tracking code in this section.

Visit this link for instructions on how to create and add a Google Analytics code

When you are done click Save and then Next

Step 2: Choose a Template

a. Choose a template

Choose your base layout here, the most recent ones are at the top of that list.

b. Choose a Colour

Each layout will have their own sets of colour themes.

c. Current Template

This will give you a general example of how the website will look. You will be able to edit the content, change the header banners, add/remove the map, select the side widgets, add your personal photo and information in Step 3. Edit Content.

When you are done click Save and then Next

Step 3: Edit Content

If you have gone through Step 1 and Step 2, you will be immediately directed to Step 3 when you return to your Site Builder. You will be able to add your own content and personalize certain elements such as the Custom Banner, or your Listings filters.

Builder Actions Palette

Preview:  Preview the draft of the desktop version of your website.  This opens your Preview in another tab or window.  You may close the Preview tab when you are done previewing.  

Preview Mobile:  Opens a Preview of the mobile version of your website.  

Save: Saves a draft version of your website. All the saved changes can be seen on the Preview version of your website.  

Add a Paragraph: You can add your own content (text, images, files, links, html/javascript code) through custom Paragraph to any existing page. Click here to learn more about the custom Paragraph editor.

Add an Article: You can add a complete article from our Article library to any existing page, or you're able to add a blank article to insert your own content.   [ Visit link to learn more about the Article Library ]

Add a Search: You can add a custom Listing Search panel to any newly created page. Click here to learn more about adding a custom search.  


Left Column - Page Menu

Your Chapters are outlined here (with an arrow next to them). Each of the default Chapters will have at the minimum, one page attached to them. When users click on the Chapter link on the website, they will be taken to the first page in the menu.  

Each Chapters with a checkmark next to them are enabled (visible) on your website. To disable a Page from your website just uncheck the box. This does not delete the Pages and their content inside that Chapter.

To view the pages associated with the Chapter in the Site Builder, click on the chapter in the Chapter list. It will drop down the Pages beneath the Chapter heading for you to review.

To Edit the Chapter list, click on the "Edit" button at the top of the Chapter list.  

In "Edit mode" you are now able to add/edit/reorder Chapters and Pages. In Edit mode, you cannot edit the content on the actual Pages.  

Click "Done" to close Edit mode.  


Main Content Section

When you click on a Page that you would like to edit, the content appears in the middle column. The Page will remain highlighted in the Chapter List.

Page Title: fill in the title of the page here. Be brief, but descriptive, to maximize your Search Engine Optimization (i.e. "Search Listings in Kingston, ON") . Click here for tips on Search Engine Optimization.

Content Boxes: click on any of the boxes or panels to see and edit options.


  1. Customize the Website Header banner (available for Elite/Premium/Team and Company Elite). Learn how to customize header banners.
  2. Enable Map Search on the Home page (available for Elite/Premium/Team and Company Elite). Learn how to use the map-based search.
  3. Add or edit your own unique information in the "Agent Info" box. Learn how to edit your Agent Info box.   
  4. Review your Featured Listings settings and set filters if desired to limit listings to only listing properties or price ranges you want to feature.
  5. Go to the Listing Page (under the "Listings" Chapter). You have the option to turn on your Listings, your Office Listings, and set sorting options and filters. Learn more about automated listings.
  6. Add a custom Paragraph to any Page to add content such as text, or video. Learn more about the custom paragraph editor. Visit this page to learn how content can improve your search rank.


Forms and Widgets Palette

Available on Elite/Premium/Team and Company Elite subscriptions.

Choose from a list of Widgets in the 'Forms & Widgets' palette to be added to a seperate column on your website. Please note, some layouts do not allow for a widget column to be added to the Home page. Widgets can be added on every other Page. Click here to learn more about Forms & Widgets.   


Contact - contact form requesting contact information
Contact (SM) - a shorter contact form
Request Information - a short form requesting email information and customer inquiry
Home Valuation - a short form that will request customer requirements for a property search
Join Newsletter - allows your visitors to sign up for your newsletter (please note, newsletter service is not available with ClientClick at this moment)  
Twitter Feed - adds a twitter feed to your website. Learn more about adding social media links.
Facebook Feed - adds a Facebook page feed to your website. Learn more about adding social media links.
Share in Social Media - adds share buttons for visitors to "Like" or "Share" your page
Agent Info - adds your photo, social media buttons and contact information. This information is included directly from the RLP Network. Learn how to edit your profile information. Learn more about adding social media links.

Don't forget to 'Save' your draft.  

Step 4: Publish

Preview in English/French/Chinese: Allows you to Preview your website. Your Preview will open in another browser tab or window.

Publish: Once you publish your webiste, it will be live immediately.  You will be able to view the site at the link provided.

Please note, if you have added a custom domain in Step 1: General Information under "Domain Settings", make sure domain settings have been updated. Learn more about pointing your custom domain to your ClientClick website.