Setting up an Email Alias

You can register your own custom domain with ClientClick so that you can be found easier and look more professional on your marketing materials. With your domain you can also set up a custom email alias to keep your brand consistent throughout your communications.  

1. From your ClientClick dashboard click on "Domain Name Registration"

2. In the Domain Configuration panel, go to section A "Use my custom domain with Jumptools". Select "2.Create a jumptools email and choose a forwarding address" and click on "Update".

3. Choose your email alias and add which email that you would like that email address to forward to.

The email address you forward your email to should already be available and active.  

4. Once submitted, allow up to 3 hours for your email changes to take effect.

If your email address changes, don't forget to return to your domain management and change it.   Contact ClientClick support if you require assistance.