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Adding a Video or Custom Code to a single Page of my Website

You can embed videos and website widgets on any page of your site. They are usually provided as code (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc) that you need to copy and paste to your website

1. From your Client Click dashboard, click on 'Edit My Website'

2. Make sure you are in Step 3: Edit Content

3. From the Page menu on the left, choose the page you want to add content to

If the Page or Chapter you want to add the code to doesn't exist, create it. Click here for instructions.

4. From the Builder Actions palette, click on 'Add Paragraph'

5. Add your multimedia content

The multimedia paragraph allows you to add YouTube videos as well as website widgets. Widgets are little features that can be added to your website to perform one action (ie Mortgage Calculator widget). They are available as a code that you need to copy and paste to your website. Your ClientClick website comes with a palette of ready-to-use widgets.

In the new custom paragraph, click on the "Multimedia" tool option.

See below on how to find the embed codes from other channels.    

5.1. How to add a Youtube video

When you're on the Youtube video page, click on the Share arrow below the video and then select Embed. Copy this code and paste it into the Embed text box you've created on your Client Click website.

1) Go to your Youtube Video and click "Share"

2) Click on "Embed"

3) Select your Embed options. We suggest deselecting "Show suggested videos when the video finishes".  Click "Copy" at the bottom to copy the code it to your clipboard.

5.2. How to add a Facebook video or post

You can share a content from your Facebook page directly to your page to capture likes or comments from people visiting your website.   To use this feature, your Facebook page and post must be set to "public" so everyone can see it.  

1) To share a post,  look for the ellipsis ( . . . ) menu at the top of your post and select "Embed" to generate the code.

Use right-click and select "copy" from the menu to copy text.  Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL C or Command C for Mac users.

2) To share a video, go to your video and look for the ellipsis below the video.

3) Click on "Embed"

4) Copy the code in the next window.

5.3. How to add an Instagram post

Share your Instagram posts directly on your ClientClick website.  

1) On your desktop, open your Instagram post.

2) Look for the  ellipsis ( . . . ) menu at the lower right-hand corner of the post.  

3) Select Embed

4) Copy the code in the next window.

Return to your ClientClick website builder and to the custom paragraph box you've opened:

1. Click on the filmstrip icon to select the multimedia paragraph tool

2. Copy and paste your code into the Embed box

3. Click on the Done button

6. In the Builder Actions palette, 'Save' your changes.

Feel free to Preview your changes before saving and publishing

7. If you're ready to make your changes go live, click on Step '4: Publish'

8. Click 'Publish'