Adding Your Agent Photo

Adding your professional photo to your website is a quick and simple way to connect with your website visitors.  It instantly tells your visitors a little bit about you, and help them recognize you when you meet them.  Make sure your agent headshot is visible on your website.

Your agent photo initially is added to your website from the Royal LePage network when your website is created.  This photo is used for your profile and will also appear in your ClientClick company website's team roster along with your designation and contact information.

In your ClientClick agent website, it appears  in the header and footer section.

To add or edit your photo in the RLP Network, visit the and manage your profile there.  

Please note that any updates through the RLP Network may take up to 24 hours to reflect on your website.  

For assistance with the RLP Network, contact Royal LePage customer care  at 1-877-757-4545 or email

Edit your agent photo for your ClientClick website only

If you would like to use an image for your website that is different than than your Royal LePage profile, use the following instructions:

1. Log into your account through the RLP Network and navigate to your ClientClick site builder

2. Go to "Settings" on the upper navigation bar

3. Select "My Profile"

4. Scroll down until you see the "Head Shot" area. Click on your photo, or the "photo not available" space if a photo has not been uploaded.

To prevent blurry images, select a high quality JPG image with a good resolution.  We recommend an image that is at minimum 600 x 800 pixels wide with a resolution of no less than 200 DPI (dots per inch). The higher the DPI, the better the image resolution would be.

To optimize your image for some thumbnails, we recommend keeping your image at a "portrait" ratio (longer length, shorter width), with your face centered in the picture.  

6. Once the file is selected, click "Save"

If you have a team website, each team member can log into their own accounts to edit their photos the same way

7. You will now be able to choose between the Royal LePage profile images and any other images you have uploaded. In your website builder, click on your "Head Shot" photo under "My Profile" and select "Active" beside the photo you wish to use.