HelpClientClick ListingsDisplaying Listing Agent for Office Listings

Displaying Listing Agent for Office Listings

When you choose to display your Office Listings you can hide or show the listing agent's information.

1. From your ClientClick dashboard click on 'Edit My Website'

2. From the 'Page' menu on the left click on the 'Listings' chapter to expand the pages and then click on the 'Listings' page

3. Click on the 'Choose Listing Options' box to begin editing

4. Click on the 'Office Options' tab

5. Make sure the checkbox to not show listing agent is left unchecked

6. Click 'Done' in the Listing Option box

7. Make sure to 'Save' your changes in the Builder Actions palette and go to step '4: Publish'

Feel free to Preview your changes before saving and publishing

8. Click 'Publish' to make your changes live