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Showcase Listings on your Home Page

You often need to showcase one (or several) listing(s) on your website's Home page, whether it's your listing or you are promoting it for someone else. These instructions will explain you how to achieve this with a Custom Paragraph or by using the Featured Listings tool.

  • Custom Paragraph: this option provides you with more flexibility. From the picture to the text to the link button, you can edit everything and even add links within the text (E.g. virtual tour, listing plans... ). We recommend this option if you need to advertise a listing for someone else.


  • Featured Properties: this is the easiest option based on the built-in Featured Listings feature on the Site Builder. It allows you to feature up to 3 listings at once and doesn't require editing. However it doesn't allow you to advertise for someone else unless you manually create an Exclusive Listing on the Listings manager.
Custom Paragraph

1. From your ClientClick dashboard click on 'Edit My Website'

2. Click on 'Add Paragraph' from the 'Builder Actions' menu

3. Click on 'Image not available' to open the Image Library

4. Click 'Upload'

5. Click on 'Choose File', select the house picture you want to showcase and click 'Upload'.

6. Click on the picture you would like to use, adjust the cropping area then click 'Crop'

7. Then fill out the fields with your listing details and click 'Done'

Subtitle: enter here the main title for your post (E.g. Just listed, For Sale, Open House, the address, etc). This will have a big bold font.

ByLine: enter here the second most important information (E.g. listing id, price)

Body Text: type here your listing description. Keep in mind that you are promoting a listing so make sure to make that short paragraph attractive.

You can create a clickable link to send your visitors to an external page (listing details, virtual tour, floor plans, video etc). We recommend you to create them directly from the body text section if you have more than one. If you just have one, use the Link URL and Link text fields below.

Link URL: enter here the full website address of the external page (E.g. The link URL will be hidden from the paragraph post.

Link Text: we recommend here a 'call-to-action' (E.g. 'Click here for more details', 'Find out More'). You basically want to tell your visitor what to do.

8. Use the 'Drag' button to position your Paragraph towards the top of the Home page for better visibility

For Elite subscribers: you can't drag a Paragraph above the Map Search box on the Site Builder. However if your Map Search is disabled, your Paragraph will show up first on the page.

9. Make sure to 'Save' your changes in the 'Builder Actions' palette and go to step '4: Publish'

Feel free to Preview your changes before saving and publishing

10. Click 'Publish' to make your changes live